Service tenet

Products under the condition of normal use, enjoy a year" three pack", life-long maintenance services.

Guide consulting services

Designated development guide advisory service, explain the furniture knowledge, and for customers to buy the site measurement and estimation, recommend suitable for customer room decor.

Product knowledge explanation, demonstration, let consumer test sat, try lying, personally feel products.

Installation services

According to the consumer's reservation delivery time and place, delivery, installation and commissioning services.

Technical after-sale tracking service

Where the purchase of  LIMITLESS/SQI  products to customers, to fill in the" user contact list " for the record, to provide your name, address and communication mode, so that the technical guidance personnel tracking service. Ensure that the furniture in the installation of after-sales service personnel arrived at the scene layout, explain product use and maintenance of knowledge, to ensure that the use function of the product and service.

The establishment of product quality supervision files, regular visits to customers

For each consumer profile, the implementation of product lifetime warranty services paid, adhere to the user access system, through visits, telephone, letter and user communication. According to the actual needs of customers, can provide on-site repair service.

New product information

Where the purchase of furniture products to customers, LIMITLESS/SQI  in accordance with the wishes of customers will regularly send the latest product information, for understanding.