The Designer Club was established to promote the sharing of avant-garde design concepts, and cutting-edge fashion trends; it is a forum for top designers to get together and explore the feasibility and sustainability of innovative ideas. It is a way for us to stay abreast of the latest developments and remain competitive in this ever-changing industry.


Mission Statement
To promote the holistic ideals of the Limitless design and branding, and continue to innovate and raise the standards for high-end lifestyle


Membership Requirements
1.The applicant must be an interior design professional;
2.Has more than 5 years of practical experience and has proven track record in designing for the high-end market;
3.Has in-depth understanding of international brands and market trend


Membership Process
The completed application form, together with all relevant supporting documents must be submitted to our Headquarters for review and process


Membership Rights
1.Collect loyalty points at any of the Limitless franchise locations around the world
2.Members will receive direct correspondence on Limitless brand and product information, promotions and services
3.Limitless will keep club members updated on its research findings on international market and fashion trends
4.Members will have the right to send in suggestions and comments on all club-related services


Member Obligations
1.Members are required to provide the club with current and accurate information on personal identity and professional credentials
2.Members will strictly abide by the ethics for professional designers and comply with the rules and regulations governing the protection of the Limitless brand and reputation
3.Members are not allowed to engage in any activity that will damage the Limitless brand or other members’ interest


Membership Regulations
1.The club reserves the right to investigate or cancel a membership that it considers in good faith to be in violation of the Club’s rules and regulations; or it considers to be a detriment to other members’ interest
2.Club members may cancel or withdraw their membership at any time by informing the club